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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: - Software architectures for scientific computing Computer architecture & VLSI Mobile robots Artificial intelligence systems and architectures Distributed and parallel processing Microcontrollers & microprocessor applications Natural language processing and expert systems Fuzzy logic and soft computing Semantic web Web retrieval systems Software and multimedia web Advanced database systems Software testing, verifications and validation methods UML/MDA and AADL Object oriented technology Software and web metrics Software maintenance and evolution AI approaches to software engineering Component based software engineering Multimedia and hypermedia software engineering Enterprise software, middleware, and tools Service oriented software architecture Model based software engineering Machine learning approaches for semantic web Semantic web for e-Business and e-Learning Database technologies for semantic web Semantic web mining and searching Semantic web inference methodologies Hypermedia and semantic web Ontology creation, evolution, reconciliation, and mediation Web authoring tools Semantic verification of websites Model-driven Web application development Web application architectures and frameworks Testing and evaluation of web applications Empirical web engineering Deep and hidden web

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