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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: - Social networks and intelligence Social science simulation Information retrieval systems Technology management Digital libraries for e-learning Web-based learning, wikis and blogs Operational research Ontologies and meta-data standards Engineering problems and emerging application Agent based modeling and systems Ubiquitous computing Wired and wireless data communication networks Mobile Ad Hoc, sensor and mesh networks Natural language processing and expert systems Monte Carlo methods and applications Fuzzy logic and soft computing Data mining and warehousing Software and web engineering Distributed AI systems and architectures Neural networks and applications Search and meta-heuristics Bioinformatics and scientific computing Genetic network modeling and inference Knowledge and information management techniques Aspect-oriented programming Formal and visual specification languages Informatics and statistics research Quantum computing Automata and formal languages Computer graphics and image processing Web 3D and applications Grid computing and cloud computing Algorithms design Genetic algorithms Compilers and interpreters Computer architecture & VLSI Advanced database systems Digital signal and image processing Distributed and parallel processing Information retrieval systems Technology management Automation and mobile robots Manufacturing technology Electrical technology Applied mathematics Automatic control Nuclear engineering Computational physics Computational chemistry

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