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Papers are invited from, but not limited to the following topics: Computer and computational sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Actuarial sciences, Applied mathematics, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Robotics, Computer engineering, Statistics, Electrical engineering, Electronics, Mechanical engineering, Industrial engineering, Information sciences, Civil Engineering, Aerospace engineering, Chemical engineering, Sports sciences, Military sciences, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Optics, Nanotechnology, Nuclear physics, Operations research, Neurobiology, Biomechanics, Acoustical engineering, Geographic information systems, Atmospheric sciences, Educational/Instructional technology, Biological sciences, Education and Human Resources, Extreme engineering applications, Environmental research and education, Geosciences, Social, Behavioral and Economic sciences, Advanced manufacturing technology, Automotive, Construction, Geospatial technology, Cyber security, Transportation, Energy and Power, Healthcare, Hospitality, Medical and dental sciences, Pesticides, Marine and thermal sciences, Pollution, Renewable sources of energy, Industrial pollution control, Hazardous and e-waste management, Green technologies, Artificial/computational intelligence, Theory and models and other closely related fields in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

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