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Papers are invited from, but not limited to the following topics: Business administration, Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Banking, Accounting, Communication, Criminology, Economics, Consumer behavior, Human resources management, Entrepreneurship, Education and its applications, Business ethics, Relationship management, Risk management, Retail management and communication, Linguistics, International relations, Sports management, Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, International business, Tourism and hospitality management, Law, Psychology, Communication studies, Corporate governance, Cross-cultural studies, Demography, Education, Ethics, Geography, History, Industrial relations, Information science, Library science, Media studies, Methodology, Philosophy, Political science, Population studies, Public administration, Sociology, Social welfare, Literature, Paralegal, Performing arts (music, theatre and dance), Religious studies, Visual arts, Women studies, Production and operations management, Organizational behavior and theory, Strategic management Policy, Social issues, Statistics and Econometrics, Personnel and industrial relations, Gender studies, Cross cultural studies, Technology and innovation, Management information systems, Information technology and other closely related fields in the disciplines of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

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